The Heart of Business


A spiritual deepening, in parallel with business success. 





I felt inspired to record an audio version of this invitation too.  The women I’m calling in for this experience are very intuitive – listening to my voice will help support you feeling into my frequency and whether I’m the right coach to support you:

The world may tell you that there are a thousand things you must do to earn great money doing work you love, I believe there is only one: 

Deeply trust your inner knowing and have the courage to act on it.

~ Emma Rose

Welcome, sister.

Bring to mind the idea of your business as a beautiful plant or tree…

Where traditional business coaching focuses on growth by reaching toward the sun, regardless of whether it burns or not (hello burnt out entrepreneurs!), and regardless of whether there are strong roots in place to hold that growth, in The Heart of Business we bring attention and nourishment to the roots, the trunk, the entire being.

This focus on the fullness of your creation is crucial to the enjoyment, sustainability and future growth of your dreams.

Engaging with our root system brings forth some interesting questions like…

How connected am I with the soul of my business?

Am I in relationship with my higher self and able to trust in the wisdom she provides?

Am I deeply rooted in my own vision, intuition and work?

Am I open wide to receiving?

How nourished am I allowing myself to be in relation to my business?

So many of the heart-centred, deeply loving women who start online businesses do so because they feel connected to the frequencies of freedom, expansion, healing, and creativity.

They find the courage and the will to step out of the boardrooms, figuratively and literally, and tend to the nurturing of their soul work, only to find themselves in a world of business experts, a sea of marketing systems and a world that on the outside claims to be about ease, flow, and joy, but under the surface is an echo of the patriarchal systems that they thought they’d already left behind. 

Many of these highly sensitive, empathic, soulful women get caught in the whirlwind. They find themselves investing their precious time, money, and energy in training themselves how to market and sell their soul work, rather than being heart-deep in the actual work itself and that to lead them.

It doesnt need to be that way. 


This is for the women whose hearts know they are here to walk a path guided by love, freedom & creativity, rather than by the dangling carrot of a blue tick next to their Instagram account. 



I am calling this community now to come together and re-member

 Your logical mind may try to tempt you away with the more practical paths of business training but…

You can rest easy in the knowledge that the ideal ways for you to market, sell and be a powerful, successful business owner will come as a result of a heartfelt connection to your inner self, your intuition and your soul.  It will come through days spent at the beach or walking through a forest. It will come through slowing down to speed up. It will come through letting yourself ENJOY your life and business. It will NOT come through grasping, bouncing from one strategy to the next and constantly searching for answers outside of yourself.

If you know that the work that’s whispering to you isn’t something that you just ‘do’ but is something that you are, a karmic path for your highest evolution in this lifetime, then you are invited to fully commit and devote yourself to that path now, alongside me and a group of like-souled sisters who will celebrate you, support you and honour your unique journey with all of it’s beautifully personal twists and turns. 


The Details…


We will meet twice a month for 5 months beginning August 2020. 

 Each time we gather as a group, online in sacred circle, you will be coached by me, with our focus being on whatever you most desire support with, in that moment. 

I trust (and have seen so much evidence of this) that when we work on whatever is present for you in each moment, we un-weave the stories, conditioning and  narratives that keep you circling in confusion, stuck or stressed out. This leads to deep and long-lasting change. 

You will be coached in these calls as much as you need, with no time limit;  just spaciousness and a whole lot of love & encouragement. 

I coach from the truth that there is nothing about you that needs fixing. 

There is nothing ‘missing’. 

You have all of the answers you could ever need inside of you. The space I create for us is designed to allow you the feeling of deep safety that’s required for you to access them, and trust them.


 As well as spacious, personalised 1:1 coaching being witnessed by our group of sisters, you will also receive thought-provoking monthly assignments designed to lovingly challenge you to step out of your comfort zone in all areas of your business.

These challenges will ask you to connect more deeply to your own inner knowing, often in ways that go against the common online business narratives, and to put them into practical use in your everyday experiences. 

The nature of these assignments will remain secret as they are ONLY for the women who commit to this experience.  What I will say here, is to expect magic, profound and deep shifts in thinking and behaviour as well as freeing and uplifting experiences! 


 Our private Facebook group is a sanctuary for you to share, been seen, celebrate, connect and receive support & coaching between calls. 


As a gift and acknowledgement of your commitment to this work, you will also receive free access to any programmes I create & sell during our 5 months together (and trust me, there is something JUICY in the works!) as well as preferential 1:1 rates for up to 12 months after we end.

What results can I expect?

The results of this type of work are infinite.

 I do not claim to know what is best for you and your path.

Whatever your heart desires, whatever your soul is yearning for, whatever you dream of, it’s all up for creation when you’re aligning your deepest wisdom in The Heart of Business. 

The women I work with are current creating results like:

Attracting more coaching clients than ever

Writing books

Earning more money than they ever have

Healing & releasing old stories

Enjoying life more and more every day

Feeling free from the business stuff that was draining them

Choosing new, aligned, exciting business models 

Resting more than they ever have

…and so much more…all by doing less. 

This might sound too good to be true, this whole ‘do less to get more’ but not only is it entirely possible, it’s the way we are all headed anyway. Have you noticed human beings on this planet are experiencing a great shift right now? I believe this to be a shift in consciousness that we are all moving to. One of profound ease, freedom and joy in all experiences.  This does not mean life is perfect…it means we have the capacity to experience the extreme sensation of growth without sabotaging ourselves. I have not only created this experience for myself, but I have seen so many of my clients do the same.



You are ready and willing to learn to trust your own inner knowing implicitly.

You are willing to reclaim and own your way of doing business, even if it means going against the grain. 

You are open to going deep and likely have *some* spiritual practice already.

You’re open to allowing this experience to take you into your next level; emotionally, spiritually and finacially.  


If you’re looking for cookie-cutter strategies to follow or to be told what to do.

You’re not ready or willing to open to new levels of love, freedom and joy in your life or business. 

You’re not willing to let it be easy. You enjoy the drama of the struggle and aren’t ready to let go of it.

You’re not willing to invest in yourself and your business. 

You’re not ‘in this for the long run’.

I trust that you will know and feel it if this calling you.

Hi, I’m Emma!

I’m a coach, supporter and heart-opener for spiritual female entrepreneurs who want to connect with their business and mission on a deeper plane. 

As a Projector in the human design system, I’ve learned over the past 3 years how differently I wanted to do business than what I’d seen examples of.  After devoting myself to doing just that and creating amazing results, I now love to support other women to do the same. 

My natural coaching style is very nurturing and loving, with a healthy dose of challenge, playfulness and wildness.  I believe the best mentors will lovingly push you to your edges, whilst having the ability to see clearly where the boundaries lie.

As a practicing alchemist, my work seeks to explore and adventure with you into all areas of your being, rather than a compartmentalised area of just your business.  I believe your business is a micro reflection of your entire being, energetically, emotionally, mentally and physically. This means no area is off limits within our exploration together and wholeness is the basis of our exploration. 

You can learn more about me and feel into my energy by exploring this website and my Instagram page here.


What Women are Saying…

Through working with Emma I learned to love myself, my life and the work I’m here to do. And this is the foundation of everything. Emma carried me through all the struggles I’ve had along the way, supporting me with the love she’s radiating. With her, I could get more real than I ever got. With her, I could go way deeper than I ever went. With her, I could break patterns I thought were here to stay forever.

I have not only changed my business (I’m signing clients without any effort and having the most fun being my authentic self on social media) but I have changed my whole life. Ease, joy, and deep fulfillment are now part of my day-to-day. And the most unexpected thing is: I am now doing less and creating more.

– Anna

Since being coached by Emma, I have learned to own my unconventional unique gifts and trust my intuitive guides when they pop up. These skills have facilitated me to deepen my personal relationships, grow my self-confidence in starting my business, and tune in to my intuitive powers. 

I would recommend Emma’s coaching to any conscious women who feel called to level up into their next ascension of themselves. Women who know they have the innate skills to achieve what they want, they just require some loving support in trusting themselves fully to take leadership. Women who lead with their heart and soul and are ready for expansion!”

– Jadie

“My sessions with Emma always left me feeling supported, heard, and with exactly enough for me to do between sessions to help me grow yet not overwhelm me. I always felt so lifted and inspired after our sessions. Lighter, happier. Her energy is so fantastic.

As a result of our coaching together, I was able to manage a HUGE transition in my life with more ease, flow, and grace. Not only manage it – but GROW and learn and break old patterns. HUGE for me. Through Emma’s brilliant coaching she held up a mirror and I was able to see blind spots that I didn’t know existed. How can I grow if I don’t even know what’s there? This is the magic of her coaching. I couldn’t have done it without her.

 I’m beyond satisfied. I’m so grateful for you! Thank you 😊”

– Jen

You and the women in our group are teaching me how to embrace being a projector and female and how to live within the energy and strategy in that.  It has been so freeing to learn to accept who I am and what I love and to ignore the world’s advice! So much love!
– Katie

I really believe that this new momentum shift I’ve experienced recently is down to the tools and principles I’ve learned in this programme! I’m so profoundly grateful.

– Becky

So far this experience has given me a space to lean into my intuition, trust myself deeper and deeper each week, and truly build a business aligned with my values and sense of self. It’s been a revelation. I am so grateful to the women in the group for hearing me and holding space for me and to Emma for her deeply nurturing approach to coaching 

– Kate 


How do I know if this is right for me?

Quite simply, if it feels right then it is probably right. This whole thing is about you learning to fully trust yourself, so tune in now, does this feel expansive for you? If the answer is yes, there’s no harm in applying, We can have a chat and see how it feels, my only intention in speaking with you is helping you come to what is right for YOU, whether that is joining, or not.

Will this take into account my human design type?

Yes.  As a Projector in human design I know very well the pitfalls of working with coaches who don’t take this into account. This whole experience is about doing business as YOU, as your heart and soul guides and fully trusting that.

When does the programme begin?

We will begin our sacred journey August 2020. Dates will be confirmed nearer the time.  If you cannot make a session, that’s okay – you’ll have an opportunity to submit your questions in advance and will also receive a replay of all of our calls.

When will the calls be?

We will be meeting twice each month. The calls will be held on a weekday and I’ll choose a time that everyone is able to attend. It always works out : ) I work with women all over the world across various time zones and will ensure that the calls are at a time that makes sense for you. 

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, monthly payments are available, when you apply you will be given a number of choices as well as the option to discuss a bespoke plan with me. You are also welcome to pay in full for a 5% discount.

Is this just for entrepreneurs?

Yes.  This programme can support you whether you are just starting out and want to create a business aligned with your personal values and human design type or if you’ve been in business a while and find that it just isn’t working or doesn’t feel how you thought it would. 

More Questions?

Email me at

Investment & application

 The cost of this paradigm-shifting, deeply bespoke experience is £1997 and payment plans to suit your unique needs can be discussed and arranged. 

Making investments like this one can be an incredibly transformational experience in itself.

It communicates very clearly to your subconscious mind (the part driving 90% of your results!) that you are IN. It demonstrates that you truly do believe in yourself and the work you are here to do and that you are devoted to that. 

When you apply below you will be asked to book a call with me. This call is the very beginning of your coaching experience. It is not a sales call. I will coach you on this call like I coach my paying clients. If its a great fit, you’ll know immediately. If not, you just received some free coaching anyway! win-win. 



With love, trust and blessings, 

Emma x

If you have any questions you are welcome to email me at