This 1:1 coaching experience is created from the deep truth that there is nothing about you that needs fixing. 

The intention is to guide you into a deeper, more intimate relationship with your heart, your soul, your fullest creative expression and purpose and of course, your human self, so that you can own the wholeness that you already are.

This work is fully bespoke to you and your needs, however I find that for most of the women I guide, this looks like deeply calming your nervous system, learning to receive as much as you give, welcoming money, designing business models and strategies that balance with the flow-style of business, finding clarity and connection in nature, learning and remembering how to experience peace in each moment and sinking into fully trusting yourself so you can be who you truly are.  

Surrender, slowing down to speed up, soulful self connection, deep self trust, healing productivity wounding, learning how to receive and living your ultimate truth are truly transformational experiences that we often ‘know’ or have heard of, but find we are unable to fully embody and ‘become’ without guidance from someone who has already walked the path.

I am that person. I bring 10 years of corporate leadership experience + 3 years online business experience + my own labyrinth of spiritual training, healing and consciousness into our work together. And I hold nothing back in this deep 1:1 work,

Learning the truth of how inherently worthy you are, right in this moment, with no changes whatsover, is an experience I believe every human being deserves. I work with the paradox that we are all both completely, divinely, utterly perfect and that we are seekers with wondrous capability to grow and learn infinitely.

As a Projector in Human Design, I’m designed to guide others into their ultimate soul expression. I have the ability to see you deeply and fully, into all of the areas where you hold back or struggle to see your own profound beauty. And I promise – YOU ARE profoundly beautiful. 




My natural coaching style is very nurturing and loving, with a healthy dose of challenge, playfulness and wildness.  I believe the best mentors will lovingly push you to your edges, whilst having the ability to see clearly where the boundaries lie.




As a practicing alchemist, my work seeks to explore and adventure with you into all areas of your being, rather than a compartmentalised area of just your business.  I believe your business is a micro reflection of your entire being, energetically, emotionally, mentally and physically. This means no area is off limits within our exploration together and wholeness is the basis of our exploration. 




I am only open to working with clients who have reached a point where they are truly ready (emotionally, mentally and materially) for deep and impactful change and will take complete and total responsibility for their own transformation, with my guidance and support along the way.  This usually means my clients have already done a fair amount of spiritual and/or personal development work already and are not at the very beginning of doing this type of work.


   Something that I find is absolutely key to a beautiful life and business is fully trusting your intuition. You have an opportunity to do that right now by tuning in and trusting the whispers of your heart on whether I am the coach to help guide you into your next level.


Because of the depth and devotion that goes into my work with each woman, I am only able to work with a very limited number of women each year and usually have a waiting list. Please complete the application below to enquire about my current availability.



 I work with women by application only to ensure we are the best match for coaching. Your investment will be from £2,750 – £10,500 depending on the package you choose. Please apply below to begin the process. 


What happens when I click the 'apply here' button?

The ‘apply here’ button will take you to an online questionnaire.  I’m very selective about who I work with because I only want to coach people who I KNOW I can help.  Completing this in-depth questionnaire can in itself be a profound and immersive experience and is designed to be the very first step on a life changing journey! Take your time with this part, light a candle if you want, let it be a lovely beginning to this experience. 

Once I receive your answers, I’ll review them, and if I believe we’re a good fit, I’ll contact you by email sharing my reflections on your words and with a link to book an appointment with me for a 1:1 coaching call.  In this call, I will coach you as if you were already a paying client. I believe that is the best way to see if we’d like to work together or not. The call will be loving, nurturing, empowering and fun! After that, if we’re both excited about working together we will then offically begin our coaching relationship. 

I can’t wait to meet you and hear about your dreams for your life and business. Here’s to your success! Em xx


What my amazing clients say about this experience:

“Working with Emma felt like coming home. Never in my life have I experienced someone holding space for me in all of my totality. What I learned with Emma can’t be compared to anything I have experienced before, I was free to be myself and learn at my own pace, all while being lovingly supported through my challenges.

When I decided to work with Emma, I was hoping to gain back the joy with which I had started my own coaching business, which unfortunately quickly subsided after a few months without having the clients I had hoped for. I guess I wanted someone by my side who could show me how to market in a non-pushy and authentic way because I’ve tried found it didn’t work for me. Also, I could see Emma doing it differently and wanted to learn.

And I did learn. But I also learned so much more. I am not exaggerating when I’m saying that I learned to love. And that actually surprised me the most.

I learned to love myself, my life and the work I’m here to do. And this is the foundation of everything. Emma carried me through all the struggles I’ve had along the way, supporting me with the love she’s radiating. With her, I could get more real than I ever got. With her, I could go way deeper than I ever went. With her, I could break patterns I thought were here to stay forever.

I have not only changed my business (I’m signing clients without any effort and having the most fun being my authentic self on social media) but I have changed my whole life. Ease, joy, and deep fulfillment are now part of my day-to-day. And the most unexpected thing is: I am now doing less and creating more.

Yes, I was ready to make changes, but only through Emma’s support was I able to jump right in.

I recommend working with Emma to anyone who’s looking to go deeper than the go-to strategies, who can feel deep inside that just following the social media algorithm will bring success. With her, I have learned to follow my own algorithm, which is way more powerful. I recommend Emma to anyone who is ready to learn about love.”

~ Anna

“Emma is a highly intuitive and loving coach who really centres her sessions around building a strong foundation of trust around personal intuition and trusting your internal guides. She has lovingly held and supported me through very emotional circumstances and provided the exact tools personalised to my needs. She always held a very present and fluid space in our sessions where she was able to get things out of me that were buried soul-deep and left me feeling enlightened and supported even after our calls. 

Since being coached by Emma, I have learned to own my unconventional unique gifts and trust my intuitive guides when they pop up. These skills have facilitated me to deepen my personal relationships, grow my self-confidence in starting my business, and tune in to my intuitive powers. 

I would recommend Emma’s coaching to any conscious women who feel called to level up into their next ascension of themselves. Women who know they have the innate skills to achieve what they want, they just require some loving support in trusting themselves fully to take leadership. Women who lead with their heart and soul and are ready for expansion!”

~ Jadie

“Working with Emma has been such an enriching experience. Emma is so kind, so gentle, and yet so skilled at guiding you to big realisations, shifts in perception, new actions & impactful changes.

The support between sessions was invaluable. Being able to share my experiences/struggles/obstacles as they were arising and receive support with them throughout the month was amazing! so helpful!  Some of Emma’s messages back felt channeled, such wise words flowed naturally from her that I often used to wonder…. how does she do this??! She is ON FIRE this morning!!  Huge gratitude for you Emma for all you have done for me, for my family, for my sisters and for Inner Vibrance! YOU ARE AN ANGEL! xxxx Love you xxxx”

~ Aisling

My sessions with Emma always left me feeling supported, heard, and with exactly enough for me to do between sessions to help me grow yet not overwhelm me. I always felt so lifted and inspired after our sessions. Lighter, happier. Her energy is so fantastic.

As a result of our coaching together, I was able to manage a HUGE transition in my life with more ease, flow, and grace. Not only manage it – but GROW and learn and break old patterns. HUGE for me. Through Emma’s brilliant coaching she held up a mirror and I was able to see blind spots that I didn’t know existed. How can I grow if I don’t even know what’s there? This is the magic of her coaching. I couldn’t have done it without her.

 I’m beyond satisfied. I’m so grateful for you! Thank you 😊

~ Jen

“What I got from coaching with Emma wasn’t what I expected but in the best possible way! There was a real element of trust and being held by Emma, I felt really encouraged and supported throughout the 5 months we worked together. We explored so many facets of my life and thoughts in our time together and she helped me make sense of it all and gain a deep trust in myself. This is something I know I won’t ever lose. She’s given me the confidence that I really do know all that I need to and I’m exactly enough just as I am. I feel like I’m no longer functioning under the deep pressure I put on myself. I feel freer.

Emma asks such gentle questions but in such a way that they genuinely transform your thinking. I just felt really safe throughout our whole time together.  I now really do believe that I don’t need all the courses & books & workshops to move me forward – if I listen in to my intuition, I always know exactly what I need.

I’ve been recommending Emma to everyone! I really, really appreciate everything Emma did to get me to this place I didn’t even know I needed to get to. And my goals are now my mantras for life!”

~ Verity

My favourite thing about working with Emma was the consistent sense of coming home to myself I had. That her guidance made me feel more capable and in control. I very often had aha moments that would last for a week as I realised the significance of them and implemented them into my life. Feeling so held and encouraged to trust myself was so refreshing and supportive on a whole other level. 

I also really have to say that the Voxer support was such a huge space of growth for me. I always felt so heard and supported no matter what I was bringing to the table. And I always took away such massive shifts which were so important between sessions.

I have changed as a business owner from a feeling of being tired with a list the size of my arm to having the capacity to flow with what is important and listen to my intuition more. Allowing my business to flow through me and trust that I can handle it.

I deeply enjoyed our time together. I had always felt uncertain about merging the different areas of my life and allowing myself to fully show up within all of them as a whole, the whole me. Finding this deeper connection to myself has created such huge shifts in how I show up as a business owner as a person so thank you!

~ Fenella