Hey lovely.  Before you read even one line further, let me first just acknowledge how scary and lonely it is when on one hand you have this deep, inner sense that there must be more to life, that in your heart you know your life could be so much bigger, better and brighter than it is, but on the other hand you doubt yourself, what’s possible for you and if you can really have it all.


It’s especially hard if your family, friends and the people you see everyday are all living similar lives. You know, staying in jobs that they don’t really love, or in relationships that aren’t the most amazing, incredible, loving and deep relationships. They’re all living this kind of ‘hamster wheel’ type life that is ‘normal’.  It’s the ‘norm’ right? So why do you feel like your life should be any different?


I know how disheartening it is to feel like there must be something bigger and better for you but having no idea if it’s even possible or where to begin, getting so overwhelmed, confused, lost and stuck that you end up not doing anything at all. 


Maybe you’re stuck in a cycle where you keep starting to build up the confidence and energy to go after your dreams, you get yourself into a mental state of ‘change must happen’ and then you reach this kind of weird stuck-ness where you back away from it all and feel like maybe you can’t do it after all, it’s all too much and you decide that should just stick with what you know because at least there’s some security in it. 


I feel you. And I get it. I felt this exact way for most of my life. 

Hi, I’m Emma, and sometimes I’m not sure whether I really even want to call myself a coach.  Because it just doesn’t really adequately describe the work I do, which is so much deeper than just teaching you strategies to reach your goals.

When we work together, we’ll begin by discovering the ‘root thought patterns’ that are keeping you stuck in your current level of results. Becoming aware of the patterns you’re currently holding is a powerful place to begin, because even if you’re not consciously aware of them, these patterns are running your life and creating your results. 

The best way I’ve found of helping you to create lasting change in your life is by not only focusing on your current goals and dreams, but by helping you to create new thought patterns that mean you can go about life with an attitude and belief that you can have, do and be anything you want.  When you have this belief – it is true. 

When you sit in front of me, ready for change, ready for transformation, scared and excited (because the big stuff is always both, right?!), I feel completely at peace and ease because I know that I have a lifetime of tools that I can dip into to help you. And because I can sense energy, hear what’s being left unsaid (there’s no hiding here haha!) and have the ability to unpick the beliefs that are driving your current results, I can intuitively select the tools that will be the most impactful and powerful for you personally. 

So while I call myself a coach for ease of explaining what I do, I’m actually an ever-evolving, forever learning, co-creator with the universe, here to help you change the way you live, work and love forevermore!  Despite that being quite a mouthful and not something I ever expected to see on my CV(!), it makes sense to me, because when I’m working, I feel like I enter a different zone completely. I’m fully focused on the energy and the underlying causes of what’s happening for you, which makes for very powerful, impactful conversations! 

Often my clients tell me that they’ve never felt so fully seen, heard and acknowledged as they do in our sessions together. I believe this is healing and transformative in itself, and I’m so proud that I get to call this my work. 

What results will I get?

The results of this experience are completely unique and individual to each person, but here are some things I can share to give you an example of what that might look like for you:

♡  Changing your core beliefs, shedding old stories and letting go of any stagnant energy that’s keeping you trapped, stuck and playing small in your life. 

♡  Realising that your thoughts about yourself are just that – thoughts, and they can be changed and redesigned if they’re not helpful for you.

♡  Shutting out the noise and opinions of the world around you so you can truly hear your inner voice and it’s guidance.

♡  Connecting with your heart, your soul and the universe.

♡  Bringing ritual and ceremony into your life in ways that feel supportive and loving to you.

The consequences of making these changes are amazing…

♡  You might feel more peaceful, more confident and calmer than ever, knowing you can handle whatever life throws at you, with a sense of humour! 

♡  You could discover the perfect job, start (or hone) your dream business or attract your ideal romantic partner.

♡  You might notice you naturally begin to manifest the things you most want, attracting them easily into your life.

♡  You’ll become more aware of the support you have from your higher self and your guides in tangible, beautiful ways.

♡  You might feel more connected to your purpose, your personal values and your dreams and you’ll begin to make the changes that are required to start living the life you know deep down you’ve always been destined for.

I know this might feel like a stretch, or even impossible for you right now, but I want to reassure you that those fears are not true. And I know that because almost every person I have coached in the past 3 years felt the same, but then went on to create amazing results regardless!

When we work together, we’ll devote specific time and space to uncovering these thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back, so they can be reviewed, understood, healed and released, ready for new, more empowering ones to take their place.

So, you see, you don’t actually even need to believe it’s possible for you right now, or even understand how it’s going to work, all you need is to be deeply ready for change and open to the process. I will guide you through the rest, and you’ll do great! I can promise you that.

£450 per month   /  minimum 3 month devotion  /  spread the cost: payment plans available

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