The circle

The Circle is a 4 month, online group coaching experience for women running service-based businesses.

 let me guess

You started your business bright-eyed, open-hearted and SO ready to make a real difference in your future clients’ lives.  

You feel a deep desire to guide, help and support others. 

You feel so aligned and connected to your vision of earning money by doing something that you absolutely love, that has incredible impact on the lives of your clients, as well as your own.

You have days and moments where you know exactly what you want to say, and to who.  

You’re clear AF and you wanna shout your message from the rooftops so your people hear it far and wide.

And at the same time, even though you KNOW you’re amazing at what you do, even though you KNOW your work is so needed, you doubt yourself.

You doubt your message.

You doubt it all.

It starts to feel a little foggy.

You’re unclear and lost on what you should be posting on Instagram.

Or what you should write to your email list. Or what you should do next, full stop. 

You find yourself lost in a sea of other coaches, marketing coaches, business coaches, allll the coaches.

They all have something amazing to share. They inspire you.

So you try out all of their different suggestions on how to make your business what you want it to be.  You sign up to all the free classes. Watch all the lives. 

Because you are so committed to this path. 

But you end up feeling so overwhelmed and wired from all of the information.

All the advice about where to focus your energy next to bring in new clients, or grow your email list, or whatever else.

I want to remind you, you don’t need anyone else to tell you how to run your business.

Because you are an incredible, powerful leader who, deep down, already knows. (and you also know this is true, even if you forget or doubt it sometimes).

I created The Circle for you. 

The intention of this 4 month, intimate group coaching experience is to provide a loving and supportive container for you to deeply re-connect with yourself.

To shut out all of the noise and drop into the part of you that sparked this journey in the first place. 

You already know that when you act from that place, you create your best and most authentic work. 

Your business flows.

You feel confident and completely present.

And let’s be honest, you could do that without The Circle.  You could create structures for yourself that help move you to this place.  I don’t doubt that for a minute, because you’re a resourceful and committed woman.

BUT – just because you totally could do it on your own, doesn’t mean you have to

I’ve found having the support of a coach (and an amazing group of soul sisters) to be a profound thing for my business and life.  And I wanna share it with you. 

For the moments of doubt, yes. But more importantly, for the moments of excitement. The moments of success. The wild, raw beauty of a woman running on the fire of her soul. I wanna be part of THAT stuff with you.

You already know the power of coaching….and I’m guessing you also already know the power of women coming together as a group…

Fully seeing one another.

Holding space for one another as we up-level together.

Acting as sounding boards and cheerleaders for one another.

Powerfully witnessing each other RISE.

THIS is where magic happens!

Sounds good, right? Feels like a relief?

This craving for true sisterhood runs deep.

Let your next breath flow all of the wayyyy out lovely.  Drop your shoulders.

And relax into the warm unfolding of support that is, The Circle.

Here’s everything you need to know…

Applications for The Circle are currently closed. To receive a personal invitation when we re-open, sign up to the waitlist using the button below:


We’ll meet 3 times per month on a video call (which will feel more like a sacred circle!) where each woman will receive 1:1 coaching from me, witnessed by the rest of the group. There will be no time limit on these calls, you’re welcome to receive as much support you require, on any subject.

Group coaching is a powerful experience where you not only receive breakthroughs and transformations through your own coaching, but you also get to experience the magic of witnessing others be coached too.

It never fails to astound me how often we’re all going through the same things!

The calls will be held at a time that works for the group and are something I’ll plan carefully to ensure everyone is able to attend. It always works out 🙂 

You are welcome to be on every call, but you are not expected to be. The Circle is focussed on you trusting yourself and that extends to it being completely up to you as to which calls feel right for you to attend. 

I’ll be making space for each woman to share her wisdom, thoughts and guidance with each of the other women on what they have shared. This is such an important part, as the women saying yes to The Circle are incredible and have so much light and wisdom to share!  

This sharing will be absolutely available but not expected.  My intention with this group is to allow it to feel as natural as possible, while maintaining a strong structure so everyone feels held and grounded

PS. we’ll laugh together a lot. We’ll probably cry too. You’ll most likely make friends for life. (totally NOT kidding!)

Facebook group support

You’ll have access to unlimited support in our private facebook group so you’re held in our special container for the whole 4 months, not just on our official calls.  We’ll be treating this as a sacred space to ask questions, celebrate one another and I’ll also be popping in every now and again with some special surprises for you!

your investment

The Circle is £222 per month, for 4 months.

Thank you for reading this page. If you’ve landed here, and read all the way to the end, I’m guessing there’s something in your heart that senses this could be for you.  Fill in the form below, and we can talk about it. No pressure, just a virtual coffee of sorts to see if its right for you 🙂

I can’t wait to meet you sister. 

Lots of love, 

Em xx

Ps. If you’re new here and we don’t already know each other, click here to get to know me better xx

Join The Circle to

Drop from your head into your heart.

Reconnect to the spark that had you start your business in the first place.

Make decisions from your soul.

Allow your true self to run your business. 

Practice using your intuition in your business as much as you do in your life.

Move to a place of being guided by your higher self, every day. 

Come back to your true nature. 

Remember & connect deeply to your soul mission.

And do it all with the support of an amazing group of soul sisters that see your magic and celebrate you.

Who is The Circle for?

The Circle is for you if you feel connected to the words on this page. 

I’m welcoming in coaches, women’s circle holders, reiki therapists and anyone else who considers themselves to be a service based business. 

This offering is only open to women – and of course, this means anyone who identifies as a woman. 

Applications for The Circle are currently closed. To receive a personal invitation when we re-open, sign up to the waitlist using the button below:

feeling curious? got Q’s? want in?

Get in touch using the form below and we can chat whether The Circle is right for you…