In Abrahamic religions, The 10 Commandments are a set of principles relating to ethics and worship. They provide guiding principles that apply universally across changing circumstances for those that follow them.  Maybe it’s because I was raised as a Christian, but the idea of having a guiding set of principles, a north star of sorts, feels so comforting to me, particularly in business.


Becoming a business owner, stepping into my own gifts and sharing my work with the world through the vehicle of entrepreneurship has triggered my ego on so many levels. The journey so far, 3 years in, has been wild and undulating, but in particular, this past year has felt more fluid, more grounded and more peaceful than ever, and I credit these 10 guiding principles for that.  As you read these words, I encourage you to allow the seeds of your own guiding principles to start to sprout fresh, green shoots. Then take the time to nurture them, develop them and hone them for yourself so you can feel fully held in the rich, fertile soil that’s created by having a magical container of words for you to play within…

I show up for myself and my business.

This one is all about balance and giving both my business and myself the time, care and attention needed. YES I’ll show up for my business but NOT at the detriment of myself. There is so much noise out there about hustling in the early phases of business and how it’s necessary, but I don’t subscribe to that. This guideline reminds me that showing up for myself (and that might look like having a lay in, midday baths or purely just getting dressed and brushing my hair!) is equally as important as tasks related to my business.  It feels SO damn good.

I believe in, affirm and validate myself.

Being in business can create a sense of looking externally for validation. I spent a long time in this state of needing others to agree with me or like what I was doing or sign up to work with me in order for me to feel like me and my work was worthwhile and good enough – it’s really not fun (and super unproductive too).  This one reminds me each day to spend some time connecting to myself and pulling my energy back into my inner world, allowing myself to marinate in the truth of who I am at the deepest level: which is not swayed by anything external. 

I am committed and inspired. 

Commitment means I do what I say I’ll do. Keeping promises to myself builds the trust I have in myself and my ability to follow through on things. When I keep a small promise to myself, I begin to trust that I can also do the things I say I’ll do when it really matters – like create a business I love that’s financially successful and impacts thousands of women in the most incredible ways!

Inspired means I prioritise fun and enjoyment. Business can get a bit serious at times, this one helps me to un-furrow my brow and remember that this is meant to be, and totally can be, fun!

I regularly connect to my vision and continually take inspired steps towards it.

Taking time each day to anchor into what I’m creating for my life leaves me feeling excited and connected. Our brain wants to keep us safe and it will generally correlate ‘new’ experiences with ‘danger’ – this is partly why self sabotage happens. Crucially, our brains also find it tough to differentiate between what’s real and what’s imagined, so taking time to envision my big goals and dreams every day means I’m less likely to sabotage when it starts happening since it won’t feel so ‘new’ to my brain! How cool is that?  I also commit to only taking inspired action, but doing so consistently and continually.  If I’m not feeling inspired, I know it’s time to do things I love, rest or do anything to create the openness required to receive inspiration so I can keep walking my most soul-aligned path.

I am inherently worthy.

I could write a book on worthiness, it’s been that big a part of my journey, but it is truly simple really: we are all absolutely and completely 100% worthy and enough. There is no question. I have many practices that support me to remember this, and I devote time and attention to them each day because it’s like energetic cleaning for me – as necessary as brushing my teeth. 

I see any ‘failures’ as learning or growth opportunities.

Seeing mistakes or failures as merely ‘bumps in the road’ that can be either easily avoided or easily overcome supports me so much! Reminding myself that these bumps do not detract from my ability to reach my destination, any more than a pothole doesn’t stop someone driving on to where they’re going.  And breathheeee.  Plus, they mean nothing about me as a person or business owner – because I’m also connecting each day to the one before: I am inherently worthy.

I am open to receiving. 

Learning how to open my heart, mind, body and soul to receiving has been one of the most transformational experiences for my life and business on SO many levels.  Every day I do a devotional practice in reverence to receiving and also do daily work to continually let go of any resistance to it. This is an absolute game-changer for me and my work.

My work is easy and fun.

I actively create the predominant thoughts that the work I do is easy and fun. I take the time to be grateful for that, I focus on moments of joy and encouragement, my own strengths and ability to enjoy it and the ease with which things happen when I am fully surrendered.  This is a massive contrast to when my predominant thoughts were: I can’t do this, it isn’t working, this is so hard etc.  Changing these thoughts have created enormous external change in my life and business, of course, because as much a society says that the outer experience of life dictates our internal levels of happiness, I know the opposite to be the real truth. 

I know the details in my business that matter.

As a naturally feminine, intuitive, magical flow-y, dance with fairies in the forest type, details aren’t really my natural place to be, but the business owner I’m envisioning knows her stuff, and that creates an inner confidence that I love. I take time to know, explore and devote energy to knowing the details of my business that truly matter to creating my ultimate vision. Bringing in this more ‘masculine’ energy to my business provides a beautifully safe and loving container for me to flow freely within.  I focus on the things that really matter and eliminate ineffectual tasks (scrolling insta I’m looking at YOU!).

I surrender to the universe and allow myself to be the channel.

Surrender, allowing and healthy non-attachment are KEY for me to feel great in my business.  I’ve found that doing this allows me to release some of the burden that my big dreams can feel like if I feel like it’s all on me to create it. Remembering that I am a channel for the universe to express itself through takes the pressure off and means I can sink into trusting the process. On a feeling level, this is the closest experience I’ve ever had to feeling true, expansive, ridiculously good freedom. 


Each time I connect with these guiding principles I feel myself move a step closer to the vision that I’m currently co-creating with the universe. They hold me. They remind me of my devotion to this life, to my purpose and to love. 

Thank you so much for being here. 

With so much love,

Emma x

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Emma Rose is a spiritual teacher, coach and guide who helps stressed out, self-doubting women to complete karmic cycles, fall wildly in love with themselves and do the work their soul came here to do so they can finally experience the full joy and freedom of being an aligned, purpose-driven and soul-connected human – from the inside, out. 

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