Hi beautiful Sarah! Can you start by telling us a little about yourself?

Hi everyone, my name is Sarah Gordy and I’m an intuitive empath, sacred journey facilitator, and founder of Wings of a Visionary. I was born & raised in Germany but moved my life to Los Angeles in 2014. I’m an animal lover, living an organic lifestyle, and obsessed with everything related to personal development & spirituality. It’s my heartfelt mission to bring like-minded people together and build a community that is rooted in the values of love, kindness, respect & service.

Do you believe you’ve figured out your soul purpose? (big Q I know!) Can you share it with us?

I think many of us (including myself) get so stuck trying to figure out what our life’s purpose is. I feel that the grand scheme of things, we’re all here to experience life to the fullest and to love, support & encourage one another. The way this comes to life is different for every person and often changes over time. For me personally, I’ve always known that I wanted to help people. I wasn’t sure about how that would look like and it took me some years to learn what ‚to be of service’ actually means to me. The word ‚figure out‘ in this context doesn’t really resonate with me because it implies that this is a mental process. In my opinion, it’s more about feeling into our hearts, getting to know ourselves from within, learning more about the things that excite us, and THEN figuring out how we can share that with others. 

What has been helpful for you in figuring out your purpose?

Letting go of all thoughts that felt limiting: I should do this, I should do that… It would make sense to… etc. Instead, allowing myself to go after what feels right & trust that everything will work out. (It always has, the Universe truly has our back). Trusting myself. Think of it like this: Your life and your life’s purpose is like a big puzzle. You get and collect pieces along the way and every time this happens, you can feel that this is or will be important in some kind of way. You might not know what the picture will look like initially, but over time, as you get more and more pieces, you’ll start to see the bigger picture and gain more clarity about your destiny. I think one of the most common mistakes people make, is that they get stuck trying to mentally figure out what their purpose could be. But this is a fluid, ever-evolving process and it’s important to honor the journey and find happiness & joy along the way.

What were you doing before this and how was the transition for you? Were there particular things you had to overcome to reach this point?

I’ve worked as a professional model and journalist before. I loved that I was able to travel the world and meet the most amazing and inspiring people. I’m so grateful for all of these experiences. Deep down, I was yearning for a more meaningful life. I truly wanted to make a difference and realized over time that I didn’t want to work for big companies who didn’t share my values anymore. When I got pregnant (and was dealing with a lot of complications and health issues), I was forced to leave my old life behind and focus on my own development and healing (physically, emotionally, spiritually). I was going through several life-changing transitions at the same time; I had just moved my life to a different continent, my dad passed away unexpectedly and I was thousands of miles away from home. It was one of the most challenging times of my life. But in this darkness, I found light. I experienced so much clarity and a sense of knowing within myself, I could literally feel that I was on the right path and this certainty that was completely internal, helped me to navigate through these changes and challenges. It was then when I realized how important it is to have the right tools to navigate through tumultuous times and a supportive community. I wish for everyone to experience true alignment, joy, and peace. Because I didn’t have that myself, I started my company Wings of a Visionary in 2017 right after I became a certified life coach, in order to support others that were going through these kinds of transitions.

Do you have any tips for the women reading this to help them discover theirs?

Identify any limiting beliefs and expectations from yourself & others. Write them down. Question them (The Work of Byron Katie is amazing for this process). Think about the things that light you up & bring you joy. Vision boards or ideal scene exercises help you gain clarity. From there, ask yourself what you can do today to support yourself in getting closer to where you want to be (ask yourself this every day). Remember, clarity comes from taking action. Join a supportive community, online or offline. When you shed the layers and commit to living your best life, challenging things will come up for you. Doubts, fear, people will judge you, leave you. This is part of the process. Allow yourself to feel all the emotions that come up because this is the only way we can let go of them. Be compassionate with yourself & others and give yourself time.

Do you have a regular spiritual practice?

Journaling is one of the most important practices. It helps me process situations / emotions that come up, gain clarity, and find closure. I also love to incorporate Tarot cards. I practice yoga and spend as much time as I can outdoors, especially when I need grounding. I partake and facilitate sacred journeys.

How do you create a life of joy, peace, ease and flow?

One of the most important things for me personally, was to learn more about myself, who I am as a being, what my needs are and how I can make sure that my needs are met. For the longest time of my life, I’ve felt misunderstood until I realized that I myself didn’t know what I needed and therefore couldn’t communicate that with others. As empaths, we often know intuitively what others need from us but we cannot expect the same thing from them. So getting to know myself as a multi-dimensional being, learning about my needs and how to communicate them effectively was huge for me in creating a life full of peace and harmony. That includes taking time for myself without judgment – I need a LOT of me-time & sleep in order for me to be my best self & that’s totally okay). Even just making sure that I’m not hungry. I get extremely irritated when I’m tired and / or hungry so it’s my responsibility to make sure I get enough sleep and I don’t let myself starve. Communicating my needs with others (and that can be as easy as „I need some space right now, let’s talk about this in 30 minutes). When my needs are met and I’m able to communicate with others, I feel at ease. I also always make sure that I have enough time for adventure & play and I schedule things that make me feel good, for example, my favorite yoga glass, breathwork, or spending quality time with my loved ones. Ask yourself what you need in order to be happy and make this a non-negotiable. Set boundaries. Be compassionate with yourself and others.

How do you handle life’s inevitable hard times? 

Allowing myself to feel whatever is coming up for me. Literally sitting with the pain / sadness / confusion instead of trying to bury it. Conscious breathing. Writing. Lots of it. Being around people that support & love me. I did a 10-month program in Spiritual Psychology and the tools we learned there literally changed my life. Remembering that I am a soul having a human experience and that every challenge, every obstacle, every setback has a learning opportunity for me. Even if I can’t see it or feel it in the moment, I remind myself that ultimately, everything happens for my highest good. Often times when we’re at the beginning of our spiritual awakening, it feels as though our entire life is falling apart. This can be painful, scary, overwhelming. But it’s true when they say sometimes good things have to come to an end so that better things can grow. The more we become aware that we create our reality, the less it has to fall apart to get our attention.

What are your favourite books for personal growth or spiritual development? 

There are SO many, it’s really hard to pick a favourite!

Loyalty to your Soul by my teachers Ron & Mary Hulnick is definitely one of them. It talks about the spiritual tools that I learned at USM that truly changed my life.

Also, Letting Go – Pathway of Surrender by David R. Hawkins, because it talks about the different emotions we can experience, what they really mean (for example – the underlying emotion of anger is often hurt), and how we can work with them. It’s so important to let go of everything that’s no longer serving us (emotions, habits, (thought-) patterns, even people) so that we can create space for something new / better / more aligned to come in.

Trust Surrender Receive: How MDMA Can Release Us from Trauma and PTSD by Anne Other. I’m a huge believer in psychedelic
medicine and this book talks about the benefits of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy.

Who do you love to follow on Instagram that we should check out?

@mysticmamma – for moon inspiration & beautiful artwork

@mapsnews – for science-backed info about the benefits of working with psychedelic medicine

@heyamberrae – for practical, spiritual & holistic inspiration

Do you have a favourite song that we can add to our Wildflower Circle Spotify playlist?

Cuatro Vientos – Danit
(Rey & Kjavik Remix)

The Secret Kissing of the
Sun and the Moon – Hang Massive

Vuela Con El Viento – Ayla

What’s next for you?

I’m doing a 4-month training in transformational addiction recovery and psycho-spiritual coaching for psychedelic integration work. I’m passionate about holding safe space for people to come together with the intention to heal & support one another – in general, and in combination with psychedelic medicine.

In addition to that, I’m in the process of planning more transformational experiences in the LA area and I’m working on the launch of my membership site for continuous coaching support.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Thank you Emma, for allowing me to share a little bit about myself & my work. I think it’s so important that we shift our mindset from competition to collaboration and ask ourselves how we can support & encourage one another. The Universe in indefinitely abundant and the more we can connect to that, the more abundance we will experience. Now more than ever, it’s crucial that we stand together, do the work, and share our medicine with the world.

You are so welcome Sarah, it’s been a pleasure! Where can we find out more about you and your work? 

On Instagram: @wingsofavisionary

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sarahgordy.losangeles/

On my website: www.wingsofavisionary.com

Emma Rose is a spiritual teacher, coach and guide who helps stressed out, self-doubting women to complete karmic cycles, fall wildly in love with themselves and do the work their soul came here to do so they can finally experience the full joy and freedom of being an aligned, purpose-driven and soul-connected human – from the inside, out. 

Results may include; crystal clear clarity on your vision & purpose, opportunities and initiations to step deeper into the work you’re *really* here to do and falling head over heels in love with your messy-beautiful human self.

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