I help magical online entrepreneurs (and those on the path) to complete karmic cycles, fall wildly in love with themselves, hone deep self worth, become as good at receiving as they are at giving, and continue to discover and cultivate their soul mission (including getting paid for it) so they can finally experience the full joy and freedom of being an aligned, purpose-driven and soul-connected human doing the deep work and creating ripples. 

As a projector in human design with a Scorpio sun and a Pisces moon, my astrological chart tells me I’m highly intuitive, sensitive, emotional, deep and always pursuing wisdom.

It’s true.

I possess an insatiable hunger and a deep desire to understand myself, others, the world, magic, the unseen.  As a life long learner, researcher and discoverer of secrets, my life has led me to many different things so far, from a decade in the corporate leadership to long term travel in Asia and to becoming a full-time online magical business owner. Every step has led me ever closer and deeper into the devotion of making an impact and leaving this world a little better than I found it.

I’ve struggled to clearly define and explain exactly how I help others, because something powerful and seemingly unexplainable happens when I connect with another human being.  I see the person and their entire entity fully and wholly. I see their dreams, their hopes and their potential. I see the things that hold them back and all of their most deeply rooted blocks.  When someone opens their field to me, it all becomes very clear and obvious what’s preventing them from stepping fully into their own power.

I share these insights and they lead naturally to transformation.  I consider this ability to be one of my unique gifts to share with those who feel connected and resonant with me and my energy. 

I’m an Internationally Certified Coach and a Certified NLP Practitioner.

My main fields of interest over the past decade include personal development, mindset, alchemy, soul work, thought work, limiting beliefs, synchronicity, human design, dream work, the subconscious mind, spirituality, symbolism, tarot, meditation, feminine and masculine balance, polarity, hermeticism and other various occult sciences.  

I believe that part of the deep healing we’re traversing, especially for women, is in allowing ourselves to be completely seen in our full expression.  When a woman sits in front of me and allows me to fully see her – the totality of her, the parts she usually keeps well hidden and protected – there is already a transformation happening. When I look at you as a whole, and see the incredible things you know and will do, you are reminded on a subconscious level, that it is okay to love and celebrate all parts of yourself too.

And that changes everything.

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