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✩ A life-changing 9 month experience birthing you into higher levels of consciousness for your life and work ✩



Your first step on the path to experiencing TRUE freedom starts here. I can’t wait to meet YOU! xx


true freedom begins here

In out-of-the-way places of the heart,
Where your thoughts never think to wander,
This beginning has been quietly forming,
Waiting until you were ready to emerge.

For a long time it has watched your desire,
Feeling the emptiness growing inside you,
Noticing how you willed yourself on,
Still unable to leave what you had outgrown.

It watched you play with the seduction of safety
And the gray promises that sameness whispered,
Heard the waves of turmoil rise and relent,
Wondered would you always live like this?

Then the delight, when your courage kindled,
And out you stepped onto new ground,
Your eyes young again with energy and dream,
A path of plenitude opening before you.

Though your destination is not yet clear
You can trust the promise of this opening;
Unfurl yourself into the grace of beginning
That is at one with your life’s desire.

Awaken your spirit to adventure;
Hold nothing back, learn to find ease in risk;
Soon you will be home in a new rhythm,
For your soul senses the world that awaits you.

John O’Donohue


I see you, searching everywhere for the answers and doing all the things to try to improve your life.

I see you, swinging from moments of self belief and confidence and then in the next breath doubting everything.

I see you, trying to stay positive and then feeling overwhelming guilt and fear when other emotions come up. 

If you could just keep up your morning practice, be more grateful or think more positive thoughts, you’ll finally tip the balance of your life and everything will flow, money will appear, your wishes will be granted… Right?



☽ Take a deep breath with me ☾

There thousands of people telling you how to manifest your life.

Put down the affirmations, the vision boards, the control and the striving for just a moment.

I’m going to show you how to let it all go.

You’ll get everything you’ve ever wanted (and it feels so much better too).

Let me guess…

You desire to earn great money doing work that lights up your soul…but you don’t want to compromise your integrity or values to get there.

You’re already on a spiritual or personal development path and you diligently follow the processes…but you find yourself constantly searching for that one thing that will change everything.

You truly believe that there’s important work that you were put on this earth to do…but you’re still struggling to find your unique expression, your purpose or the thing that sets you apart in your industry.

You’re grasping for answers. You’re so tired and burned out but you keep trying anyway. You’re devoted but you’re starting to wonder whether the universe even hears you at all. 

☮ Let your next exhale be long ☮

Let your shoulders drop. Breathe a sigh of relief, because, you’re in the right place. You have not been orphaned by the universe dear one. 

This programme is not about following me, my way, my 5 step plan, it’s about activation of your unique LEADERSHIP.

I know how it feels to want everything to work out SO MUCH, to be doing everything you can to make ‘it’ happen and feeling so overwhelmed by all of the conflicting information that part of you wants to give up and part of you wants to push harder. Neither of these are the answer, beautiful soul.   

Let me take you on a journey to new levels of consciousness where the fear becomes less controlling, you become a clear vessel to receive the inspiration and the love that wants to work through you.  New levels in which your life (and business for the entrepreneurs reading this) flows with ease, abundance and peace. No more searching. No more hustle. Your answers are within and your timing is divine perfection.


Can you feel that 2020 is different?

That there’s a sense of surrender and rest calling to you from beneath all of that noise? Perhaps you hear it loud and clear, or maybe it’s more of a whisper. Even if you haven’t heard it at all, you’re here, reading these words – and that is the difference. 


♡ Will you allow this deeper consciousness a place in your exploration?

♡ Will you allow love itself to work through you?

♡ Will you allow yourself to relax into being and receiving rather than chasing, grasping and doing?

♡ Are you willing to ‘do life’ in a different way, and let go of trying to control it all?


If you’re a yes to these questions, I thank you from the depths of my heart ♡ We’re kindred spirits, you and I. You, sister, are a part of these incredible changes in what it means to be a human being that are beginning to swirl and spread throughout our world.


You see, things are changing. The old ways aren’t working anymore. Have you noticed? 

We’re all seeing beyond the veil so much more clearly than ever before. Anything that isn’t true is falling, like great towers collapsing brick by brick. Things that seemed so solid, so real, are shown to be an illusion.  The hustle and the narrative of ‘work harder’, the strategies and plans that leave you feeling exhausted, the sales tactics designed take you away from your heart and into more fear and doubt, the ‘do this ritual’, think these positive thoughts, follow my 5 steps plan and you will succeed’ – are all an illusion. 

The bestselling book that promises to tell you to how to get everything you’ve ever wanted but then you realise is just the same 5 law of attraction steps you’ve heard a hundred times before and could’ve googled for free. The quiet voice whispers, this isn’t the answer.

The manifestation expert who claims to be ‘just like you’ while posting photos of herself on private jets and encouraging you to use a credit card to buy her latest thousand-dollar course so you can prove to the universe how serious you are. The quiet voice whispers, trust your intuition, this doesn’t feel right.

The marketing coach who tells you she’s all about ease in her web copy but then sends you emails telling you that to get into her program you need to decide and pay a deposit RIGHT NOW because it’s getting full and you won’t get in otherwise. The quiet voice whispers, this doesn’t feel good. 

The woman who preaches sisterhood and posts soulful memes but only engages with you online when she wants to sell you something and ignores you the rest of the time. The quiet voice whispers, she’s afraid too.

My love, YOU get to choose a different way. YOUR way.

This programme is an opportunity to remember who the f*ck you are. You get to have the life or business you LOVE by slowing down, taking one step at a time, listening to your heart, going for walks in nature, trusting your intuition, having fun, being in TOTAL integrity, telling the truth, loving other people, celebrating your ‘competitors’, taking naps in the daytime, spending time with your babies OR whatever it is YOU want to do. You are enough already – you do not need anything or anyone outside of you to have what you want. 

Take another deep breath my friend and let that relief flood through you.

This way FEELS new, but it’s actually ancient wisdom that has helped thousands of people before you were even a twinkle. The truth has a funny knack of sticking around. This is the truth. 

So what did it take me to get here?

I’ll tell you, but before I do I want to make sure you understand…this is not a quick fix. There is no magic formula. Your process will be 100% unique to YOU. Okay, here we go…


▲ I stopped listening to other people’s advice (it took a lot of practice) and tuned into my higher self.

▲ I stopped second guessing and doubting myself (small sentence, BIG, DEEP work) and learned to trust myself.

▲ I stopped looking for the answers outside of myself (I had to learn this one over and over AND OVER until it finally stuck), and I followed my intuition even when it didn’t make sense.

▲ I stopped trying to sound impressive or write in ways that others would relate to (so scary) and I started to just tell the truth, my truth, instead.

▲ I stopped trying to seem strong, evolved, and ‘together’ all the time (even scarier), and I embraced all parts of myself.

▲ I got clear on what’s actually important to me and I started running my biz and my life my way. (even though ‘my way’ went against all of the advice I’d ever read).

▲ I stopped trying to rush, control or manifest my life. (even though sometimes it worked), and instead I slowed down and surrendered enough to learn to trust the timing and the process – and I let my nervous system heal from years of doing the opposite.

▲ I stopped signing up to all the courses, all the webinars and I stopped reading all the books (even though I was a massive self-development-junkie), and instead I began reading for pleasure, reduced who I follow by 90% and immediately felt lighter and more free.

▲ I stopped doing what I thought I had to do to be successful (even though I was terrified I’d fail) and instead I explored new ways of being, creating and living that were truly in alignment with ME.


See, I told you. No magic bullet. No surprises either right? I’m going to guess there’s a part of you that can FEEL the ocean-deep truth in these words. A part of you that can sense the freedom and flow that would naturally pour forth from you if you allowed yourself to fully sink into your version of them?

Will you allow your life not to be full of suffering? Are you willing to let it all go?

It’s possible my friend, and it’s possible for you.


WARNING! Your monkey mind might jump on all of this, convincing you it’s all too good to be true, that it couldn’t possibly be as simple as this, that it’s too ‘out-there’ / won’t work for you / insert valid-sounding reason here. It will give you all the ‘ifs’ and all the ‘buts’.  However…


There’s a deeper truth available to you now. A new way of living life that’s in flow with the universe rather than fighting against it or trying to control it. Can you feel that? It’s such a relief ✩


Ancient Wisdom, Modern Woman is about something so sacred, so beautiful and so transformative. It’s about honouring your journey as you birth yourself into new levels of maturity; spiritually, emotionally, materially and mentally. 


It’s both a gentle and a powerful experience, one that we’ll be exploring together. You’re fully supported, but this is about you and your path. Let me reflect your own wisdom back to you. Let me show you the leader you already are. You’re ready to step up and walk in your own truth, each step connecting you to the beautiful flow that exists and wants to work with you. Through you ✩ As you ✩


It’s for the leaders of these new ways that are calling us. Are you being called upon to chaperone and help usher in these new ways? Delivering them to others or purely living your life in alignment with them in ways that only you can? Read on beautiful, this programme was created for YOU…


As a result of this 9 month exploration into higher levels of consciousness you will…

 ☯ learn how to invite in the messages, teachings, wisdom and LOVE that wants to work through you, and I’ll support you as you take the steps to build your business or life around the wisdom you receive.

 ☯ enhance your connection to your soul, your higher self and the universe and you’ll begin living more authentically as yourself, clear in what it is that you really want. For you. For your family. For this precious life. 

 ☯ start taking tangible action towards your greatest visions and dreams, truly believing in yourself and what you uniquely have to share with the world. Nobody can do it quite like you! So let’s bring out your inner confidence so you can truly make a difference!

☯ Learn how not to avoid, repress or suppress your emotions, but how to truly let them go so your life can reflect the truth that’s already inside of you, waiting in the wings.


Together we’ll explore, inspire and help you understand your own unique ways of working and being in the world so you can create a life and business that is rooted in true freedom, not just the idea of it.


I’ve made some big claims here, and I’m a woman of my word. A few sections down I’m sharing how it’s all going to work, but first…who am I? Why am I teaching this?  Watch this short video to find out and learn more:



There is so much ancient wisdom available to us that has already transformed the lives of thousands of people throughout the world in times gone by. This wisdom has been largely ignored by the new-age, blinded by a narrative that tells us that we alone are the creators of our own destiny.  That may feel inspiring to you in many ways, the idea that you create your own reality, but can you also feel how much pressure there is within that? How much responsibility there is? How much it creates an energy of grasping, wishing, hoping, forcing, controlling?

This program takes wisdom from beyond those ideas and makes it relevant for your modern lifestyle, allowing you to experience, and create from new levels of consciousness, resulting in true freedom, presence and radiance.

So, come closer, pull up a cushion, help yourself to tea and let me tell you how it works…

Each month looks like this:

Week 1 (LEARN) – Introduction to the ancient idea or concept that we’ll be exploring for the month for you to watch, read or listen to in your own time (see further down the page for the flexible curriculum).

Weeks 2 & 3 (REFLECT & RECEIVE)– A chance to reflect on the concept, explore how it impacts your life and / or business. There will be prompts and guidance provided to support you in this. 

We’ll also have weekly online group coaching calls (2 per month) where we’ll be diving deep into exploring how the concept fits into each of our unique lives and businesses. The opportunity to ask questions and receive 1:1 coaching around whatever is present for you as the group holds space for you to be fully held and seen.  You are so welcome to join every call, but you are not obligated to, I trust that you’ll show up as often as feels good for you.

Week 4 (INTEGRATE & RELEASE) – A beautiful online ceremony or ritual via an online video meeting to integrate our lessons and release anything we’re ready to let go of in order to move forward into the following month’s concept. Expect magic, powerful moments and so much love.

Then we’ll ‘rinse and repeat’ with a new topic, each building upon the last, for 9 months with plenty of spaciousness and rest time – built in.

Why 9 months?

This work is deep and will change you on levels beyond a usual group coaching programme. I want that awakening process to feel spacious, delicious and unhurried. You’ll learn that there truly is no rush, your nervous system will relax and you’ll be supported every step of the way.

I also think it’s particularly beautiful that it takes around 9 months for a human being to be born into this world. Let’s give ourselves that same length of time to rebirth ourselves into these new ways of being!

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Woman


 A video, audio or written guide introducing you to an ancient wisdom concept for you to connect with at some point during the first week of each month, in your own time.

(see our flexi – curriculum below for the types of things we’ll be covering).

 2 group coaching calls where you’ll be able receive 1:1 coaching, held in the supportive space of the group. 

These calls will be spacious and so amazing for integrating the concepts into your own life and business, with the support of someone who has already walked the path.

An invitation to our monthly online group ceremony or ritual to integrate & release the lessons of the month.

Expect lots of love and a generous sprinkling of magic.

Ongoing support, prompts, guidance (and maybe a few surprises too!) in our private Facebook group.

An opportunity to book a private 1:1 coaching call with me for a special price if you’re craving extra support. 

See below.


£155 per month for 9 months


one payment of £1,222



 If you want to take advantage of the most affordable way to work with me privately, allowing us the opportunity to go even deeper into your own unique experiences, you are most welcome to join AWMW+ and receive all of the above PLUS:

⋆ 1x 60 minute private 1:1 coaching call with me per month.

£244 p/m if choosing this option up front.

You will also have the opportunity to upgrade to AWMW+ at any stage in the program if you’d like extra support for an additional one off payment of £99 per session.

(limited spaces available)



Your first step on the path to experiencing TRUE freedom starts here. I can’t wait to meet YOU! xx


The Concepts

This whole programme was co-created.  With the universe. With LOVE.

That co-creation is woven into everything and will continue as the program progresses.  This means I do not control how we move through this experience.  Yes, there are some things I want to share and teach that have been transformational in my own life, but I also deeply trust in the flow and in the group that forms. 

I know you love freedom as much as I do, so…

If we want to spend longer on a topic – we will. 

If we want to explore something deeper – we can.

If we are led to dive into other wonderful things that haven’t landed at the time I’m writing this page – let’s do it. 

This whole programme is about letting go, surrendering and trusting. A rigid structure just doesn’t hit the mark on that.



Here are some area’s we’ll definitely be adventuring into together;

 ☮  Non attachment ~ Learn how not to place your freedom, happiness or peace onto external things and what to do instead.

☮ Deep Presence ~ Exploring and practising living within each moment. Time gets stretchy. Life is seen through a new lens.

Money Energetics ~ learning how to allow the flow of money.

 ☮ Receiving, pleasure, celebration ~ Learn to live in the light so you can fully experience the joy that is already present – guilt free. The more you live in the light, the more light there is.

 ☮ Becoming a conduit for creativity, love & peace ~ instead of hustling, doing, forcing, controlling or manifesting you’ll learn how to allow life to flow through you – bringing you sweet clarity in all areas. A sense of relief and wellbeing is yours forever, no matter what life throws at you.

 ☮ You are not your thoughts ~ exploring who and what you really are at the deepest levels.  Releasing self doubt and stepping into your true magnificence. Exploring one-ness.

 ☮ Surrendering control ~ let go, let go and let go some more. Experiencing true freedom from the inside out. Learning to let the universe hold you. 

 ☮ Who do you want to be? Intention setting centred around who you are becoming, rather than what you have (material goals) , or a value (I want to feel free). Who are you? Who do you want to be? We’ll get to the core, knowing that as you radiate more ‘you’ than ever, all the others things naturally magnetise to you.

Conscious smart phone use ~ bringing intention to your relationship with your phone and social media.

You will be given guidance and practices on how to work each concept in relation to many different areas of your life. 

My style of leadership is helping you to see your own deep wisdom and knowing. I am not your saviour. This programme is not your saviour. What it is – is a chance to learn so fully and completely that all your answers, all your desires, all of your dreams becoming reality ~ are all within YOU.  Never again will you have to put your hopes into something or someone else. You will become the Leader you wish you had.

When you learn this deeply, the searching stops, and true freedom emerges.  And of course, that changes EVERYTHING.

This is it lovely. This is it.



My favourite thing about working with Emma was the consistent sense of coming home to myself I experienced. I very often had ‘aha’ moments that would last for a week as I realised the significance of them and implemented them into my life.  I have changed as a business owner from a feeling of being tired with a list the size of my arm to having the capacity to flow with what is important and listen to my intuition more. Allowing my business to flow through me and trust that I can handle it. Finding this deeper connection to myself has created such huge shifts in how I show up as a business owner as a person so thank you!

~ Fenella Powell


The things I learned whilst working with Emma are: TRUSTING myself! Tuning inward more with decisions and increased connection to my inner knowing. SELF COMPASSION – recognising my patterns of being so hard on myself and slowly softening and releasing the pressure.  CONFIDENCE – all the big things and the little things have given me more confidence in my abilities, my mission and in my future aspirations. Knowing this will only continue is an exciting and motivating thought!! 

~ Aisling Jackson

Yoga Teacher, Sacred Circle Leader, Coach

I’ve learned to listen to myself and trust my intuition. I’m now respecting what I want and putting myself first for the first time, in a long time. In terms of career, I’m so excited to start my new business and I have the belief that I can do it!  I’m really feeling my power!!!

 The coaching experience has been empowering, loving and inspiring. Thank you Emma, you are truly amazing in how you have helped and enabled me to get through such a tough period of my life! I feel so, so much better, brighter, lighter and back to myself. I’m so excited about my future and it’s thanks to your love and support throughout this coaching process.

~ Beth Tacon

Massage Therapist

The practical stuff

When does the programme begin?

I’m sure you’ve realised by now that this programme is quite different to a normal coaching programme.  Everything about it is an extension and expression of releasing control, surrendering and trusting the timing.  Our small selves may want specifics or certainties in order to feel safe, but do we want to be that small self? Or do we want to learn to trust? The programme will begin once the group has formed and I expect that we will begin on or around the beginning of April 2020.

When will the calls be?

We will be meeting 3 times each month (twice for group coaching calls and once for ceremony). The calls will be held on a weekday and I’ll choose a time that everyone is able to attend. It always works out : )

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, monthly payments are available, see above. You are also welcome to pay in full for a small discount.

How do I know if this is right for me?

Quite simply, if it feels right then it is probably right. This whole thing is about you learning to fully trust yourself, so tune in now, does this feel expansive for you? If the answer is yes, there’s no harm booking a call. We can have a chat and see how it feels, my only intention in speaking with you is helping you come to what is right for YOU, whether that is joining, or not.

Is this just for entrepreneurs?

Nope! If its calling to you, book a call and lets chat <3

Want in? Ready to sign up? Got a Q?



Your first step on the path to experiencing TRUE freedom starts here. I can’t wait to meet YOU! xx