I believe that you incarnated on this earth, at this time, for a very specific uniquely and deeply fulfilling personal calling.

Every step I have taken, every book I’ve ever read, every course or mentor I have invested my time and energy into over the past decade has been in devotion to guiding you to discovering and attaining that calling.

Why is that? 

Because my unique and very specific soul-cultivated mission for being here is to see, reflect and guide others to discovering theirs.

My journey so far has been one of voracious knowledge-gathering of occult sciences, a decade of research and personal study in human potential and magic, a total devotion to personal healing, an ever-expanding commitment to learning and growing, a willingness to be a student of life and daily practices to grow my ability to live in the fullness of a soul who chose to experience this human life of duality, polarity and matter, without losing touch with the magical, the mystical and the unseen.

Step closer.

Allow your body to land on the soft pillow I placed here especially for you.

Help yourself to tea. Or whiskey if the mood takes. There’s cacao too.

Join the inner circle for sporadic private musings and secret invitations that I don’t share anywhere else: